Iron Spindle/Baluster Shoe Holds 12mm Square Bar (For angled stairways)

Iron Spindle/Baluster Shoe Holds 12mm Square Bar (For angled stairways)
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We offer you the best quality Spindle Shoes around.

This is for 1 Angled Shoe only (They are universal ie fit top or bottom of stairs) Square Shoes are also sold in shop.

This shoe will hold any of our vertical Spindles top or bottom at your stairs correct angle/rake.

They are universal so fit either way and fit stairs with a maximun angle of 45 Degress (most stair angles are 41 Degrees).

Each shoe comes with 4 x Black 30mm Long matching screws to be used if required and a 6mm Grub Screw and Allen Key to tighten the Spindle once in place.
Because we use Grub Screws and Allen Keys our Shoes can be really tightened up unlike the flat Screwdriver Heads most provide, Spindle Guaranteed not to move!

The length of shoe is 75mm x 30mm Wide x 25mm High.

Powdercoated in high quality Matt/Semi Black.

Note these shoes are hollow allowing the option for the spindle to go through shoe and into the stairs.
Its recommended that a 16mm hole is drilled into stairs and under handrail to accomodate the spindles, then fill around the hole with eppoxy and cover up using the shoes.
Although this is the best way to attach the spindles its not necessarily required you can just use the shoes and screws, see iron spindle fitting videos on you tube.

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