Large Black Passing Rings to fit 25mm-30mm Baywindow Poles

Large Black Passing Rings to fit 25mm-30mm Baywindow Poles
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This offer is for 1 bag of 10 C-Split Curtain Rings.

Please read before buying. Your end Finial must detach to allow these rings access to the pole, they do not push over the pole where its split they are split to pass special passing brackets. This is there only use so many people buy and send back because they don't understand this. Email me if your unsure of suitability saves disappointment.

Finest quality around.

Designed originally for Bay Windows and long curtain poles that have slim passing support brackets.

These rings will fit curtain poles from 25mm to 30mm thick poles, no smaller and no thicker.

NOTE: Any smaller than 25mm diameter and the rings will detach from the open split side, also your passing brackets will need to be thin ie 6mm is the maximum thickness for say 28-30mm thick poles. I will gladly swap your rings if you get the size guide wrong but feel free to ask advice before purchasing them.

Powdercoated  in a high quality semi gloss black finish.

Rings measure:

46mm outside or overall size.

36mm inside size.

6mm Solid Iron Bar.

5mm Lug hole.

Contact Steve for more info on 07962345264.

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